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Columbus Catholic Women's Conference


Raised in a happy atheist home, Jen Fulwiler looked at believers with skepticism, finding their faith untenable and their contentment simplistic. But something was wrong. She had a successful career, a smart wardrobe, and was upwardly mobile. What could be missing? Jen’s spiritual journey took her to some surprising places. She was not content to know only that saints were in heaven, she wondered about life itself. Her wonder and studying led her from feminism and a strong support for abortion, to realizing that the tiny life in the womb was, indeed, a human being created by God and deserving of life.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Father Nathan Cromly is a member of the Community of St. John. Working in fields as varied as youth ministry and book publishing, Father Nathan teaches Philosophy at his Congregation’s Novitiate in Peoria, Illinois where he is responsible for many forms of evangelization and outreach to groups of all ages, including founding the annual Saint John Summer Conference for young people. He studied in France for five years and has traveled extensively in Europe and North America, preaching and teaching.
Father Nathan is the founder of the Eagle Eye Formation Program for young adults and works extensively at promoting Marian consecration. Father regularly hosts radio series through RadioMaria, has been a guest on EWTN’s Life on the Rock, Focus TV, and is a member of the Apostolate for Family Consecration’s teaching faculty.

As a Catholic author and speaker on the Scriptures, Sonja Corbitt’s potent Bible teaching, vivid speaking style, and gripping Bible studies inspire and equip Christians everywhere who long for intimacy with God. She uses Scripture study in every media to help others foster intimacy with God, improve biblical literacy, and promote serious catholicity. Wherever He is found – in the Sacraments, the Scriptures, or “distressing disguise” – the Word of God is Sonja’s favorite thing.

Sarah Kroger is a Catholic singer/songwriter from Melbourne, FL. Inspired by scripture, the writings of the Saints, and her own life experiences, she released her first EP in 2011 entitled “Your Time”. Sarah is passionate about delivering the message “that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Ps 139)…that even in the midst of chaos, confusion, pain, suffering and sin, we can always find hope in Jesus. Her goal as a worship leader is to “…create a space for people to encounter God in an authentic, personal way.”

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