Celebrating May with Flowers

I’ve been Catholic long enough to know better.

I’m surrounded by blooming flowers: on the side of the road, in various flowerbeds, in the yard.

And I have young kids.

So what’s my excuse for not having a May altar of some sort before now?

Well, let’s ignore that last question, shall we? Let’s focus on the positive!

I bring to you Exhibit A, the “before” picture sequence:

The spot I decided was going to be our May altar is right in our path, a place we’ll all see many times throughout the day. It’s part of our shadowbox-like bookcase that separates our kitchen from our family room, so it’s also a little tricky.

There was some definite reorganization that had to happen for Exhibit B, the “after” picture sequence, to be possible:

My girls, ages four and seven, have taken to this just as I suspected they would, and the four-year-old spends part of each day rearranging Mary. (“I want her to SEE ME, Mommy!” she says, when I ask her what she’s doing.)

We have plenty of flowers at our disposal, and it’s an even better hands-on way to honor Mary than I expected.

I can’t help but wonder…why didn’t I do this sooner again?

YOUR TURN: What does your May altar look like? Feel free to share your pictures with me by email.

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