Today, I have the privilege of reviewing Sarah Reinhard’s newest book, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy, Walking with Mary From Conception to Baptism, the first book in the new series from

A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy is about two things I love – pregnancy and the rosary.  My impression of this book is that it is absolutely beautiful. I will admit shedding a few tears while reading it, and I’m not pregnant!   Personally, I didn’t especially enjoy nine months of feeling tired, sick, and uncomfortable during my three pregnancies.  I am, however, fascinated with the incredible transformation that occurs in a women’s body both physically and spiritually during pregnancy and with the miracle of new life.  Watching your belly expand to what may seem like an impossible stretch is quite an amazing experience, but even more profound is how a woman’s heart grows exponentially and how she begins to love more than she ever knew possible.  As a labor and delivery nurse for 11 years and also as a lactation consultant, I have a deep appreciation of the challenges, changes and blessings of this unique and special time in a woman’s life.

Reinhard gracefully strings together each week of pregnancy, describing how mom and baby are growing and feeling, with a meditation on a mystery of the rosary in a “Walking with Mary” section.  She also gives “One Small Step,” a little faith related homework and “Faith Focus,” which highlights and explains an element of our rich Catholic faith.  Each chapter concludes with “Praying Your Pregnancy,” a short and honest prayer imploring God’s help through your journey.  This book uniquely features guest contributors offering advice on pregnancy eating disorders, depression, miscarriage and stillbirth.

Many pregnancy books seem to give women anxiety.  They wonder if every little symptom is a serious problem with their baby.  In A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy, Reinhard offers the opposite. She shares prayer and meditation; a release of anxiety by turning your pregnancy over to God and an opportunity to deepen your faith.   She helps you unite your suffering to the crucified Christ and to draw yourself nearer to Him, His Mother and the saints.  This book helps you focus on the spiritual element of your pregnancy, which is many times overlooked.  During my pregnancies, I read many prenatal books, but I wish that A Catholic Mother’s Companion was written then. God willing, I will use it in the future!

As a registered nurse certified in obstetrics and a former lactation consultant, I would give this book an A+.  As a fellow Catholic mom, I would recommend it to all expecting mothers who are embarking on this journey, no matter if it’s their first or tenth pregnancy!  It makes a beautiful gift to a sister or friend who just announced they are expecting!

I am excited to announce on Sunday, Oct. 21, the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference Blog will participate in Sarah Reinhard’s blog tour of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy, Walking with Mary From Conception to Baptism.  We will post that weekend only so be sure to read a special blog post and rosary reflection.

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