A Marriage Reflection

A friend of ours just lost his mother. She and her husband were due to celebrate their 66th anniversary in September.
In his homily (our friend is a priest), he spoke of his mother’s dedication to her vocation. His words could’ve been a wedding homily and hopefully will be so. One poignant line stood out: “They held their right hands together and when she said ‘I do’ it was like a shot gun into the future and she never let go to the end.” At the luncheon after the funeral, we met with his father. Through tears he touchingly showed us his right hand, badly bruised from the four day grip of his dying wife who never let go to the end.
At dinner out that evening with my husband, I overheard the conversation of neighboring diners discussing the details of the bride’s wedding dress: the peplum, the lace, the slip, the spread, etc. As important as they seemed to the bride, none of those concerns mattered to the groom of 66 years.
What is the goal of your marriage? To get each other to heaven, right? There’s a beauty in the journey that this sweet couple experienced, not flawlessly, but admirably and worth imitating. Theirs was a journey of nightly prayer together, the Rosary and the Mass. Bound together through prayer, their life and love for one another was lifted into the life and love of the Trinity—not just for the heavenly future, but even as they lived their earthly lives together. May all of our Catholics marriage boast the same.
To grow together in prayer, please consider the Diocesan Marriage Retreat with Dcn Jim Keating on August 27.

Dcn. James Keating to present SPOUSAL PRAYER:
A Retreat for Married Couples
August 27, 2016
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Immaculate Conception Church, Columbus.
Celebration of Mass and reflection by Bishop Frederick F. Campbell.
Presentation by
Deacon James Keating, author of
Spousal Prayer: A Way to Marital Happiness.

Cost is $65 per couple,includes light breakfast, lunch and book.
To register visit http://familylife.colsdioc.org
or call 614-241-2560.


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