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Look East

This past Sunday I treated my family to a different kind of Catholic Mass experience. We attended liturgy at Holy Resurrection Melkite Catholic Church in Columbus. The Melkite Church is one of the Eastern Churches that is in full communion with the Roman Catholic... Read more


Our summer, as typical, is front-end loaded. The weeks are already flying by, filled with fun and exciting things like Catholic Family Land, college orientations, and family reunions. The schedule won’t be slowing down for us until August. We do, however, hold fast to... Read more

What’s In a Name?

Naming a child is one of many important decisions a parent gets to make. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “Everyone’s name is sacred. The name is the icon of the person. It demands respect as a sign of the dignity of the one who bears it…The name one... Read more


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