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New Year, New Year!

Each year I recommit to the same list of things to work on, exercise often,  increase my daily prayer time and of course “to be a better wife and mom then the year before! This New Years marks another beginning. We are blessed to not only be entering into the New Year... Read more

Love the Lord Your God

Do you ever struggle with the great game of setting your priorities and keeping them in the right order? Often times we can get all jumbled up and loose our focus on what really matters. Jesus said, “You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your... Read more

One Bag at a Time!

Practically preparing six kids for the change in seasons can be quiet a chore!  This is the season of saying goodbye to swim suites and shorts and hello to jeans and pullovers.  This weekend my family and I spent the whole day sorting four out of the six kids drawers... Read more

Game On

Last week, while flipping through the radio channels waiting for youth football practice to conclude, I heard some of the speeches at the National Convention. Instead of being inspired, I was left speechless. Just imagine my car full of innocent children, listening to... Read more


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