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Felicity's candleRegina Candles and Pope Francis on Baptism

In his Angelus on the Baptism of the Lord, Pope Francis had this say,

Jill's baby for postcard (1)Today, the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, let us ponder the day of our Baptism. All of us were baptized, let us give thanks for this gift. I ask you a question: which of you knows the date of your Baptism? Surely not everyone. Therefore, I encourage you to find out the date, by asking, for example, your parents, your grandparents, your godparents, or going to the parish. It is very important to know it, because it is a date to be celebrated: it is the date of our rebirth as Children of God. For this reason, homework for this week: go and find out the date of your Baptism. Celebrating that day means and reaffirms our adherence to Jesus, with the commitment to live as Christians, members of the Church and of a new humanity, in which all are brothers and sisters.

Thank you Pope Francis! This is exactly what Regina Candles is all about!

Welcome to REGINA Candles ( Our mission is to help baptized Christians understand, remember and celebrate their dignity as children of the Triune God.  We offer beautifully decorated, personalized baptismal candles to help celebrate one’s birth into the family of God!baptismal Faehnle 4 x 6

I am Gina Switzer, the artist behind Regina Candles.  As a Lay Dominican and the director of RCIA St. Patrick’s, painting images that inspire the faithful is my way of living the Dominican charism “to contemplate the truth and share the fruits of that contemplation”.
Gina Switzer


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