Conference Spotlight: Wrist Rosaries


My name is Amber Powers. I’m the owner of Wrist Rosaries. I was raised in a very strong Protestant (Pentecostal) home. After years of searching – both Christian and non-Christian faiths, I came to find that my home was the Catholic Church. At the age of 35, I converted to Catholicism. It was one of the most revealing paths I ever traveled. I fell in love with the sacredness of the tradition and the meaning in our Mass.

Every time I entered the church – whether it was to pray or to attend Mass – I felt like I’d found home.

One of the ways I found peace was when I learned to pray the Rosary in RCIA. I attended a Women of Faith meeting with some women from my Parish and I heard a woman speak on the power of the Rosary. When I purchased a Rosary bracelet at that event, I wore it everywhere. It reminded me the importance of prayer and it allowed me access to a Rosary quickly. I wanted to provide the same for people everywhere so I prayed about it and took the leap.

Wrist Rosaries makes Rosary bracelets for both men and women. We know they aren’t jewelry – but they are beautiful. We also have a number of other items available at our booth. Many blessings to you all.wrist rosary


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