cemetary crucifixion sceneA lot of people go to cemeteries in Holy Week. If you go, you might see people brushing off tombstones, picking up sticks, pulling a weed that survived the winter.You might see them lingering near a particular grave. Easter is coming and we want the graves of our loved ones to be well-kept.

Visit a cemetery and you will understand what Easter is all about. Visit a cemetery and think about the Great Event. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ came out of the tomb, never to die again. God defeated death. Death has no power over God.

It’s the most wonderful Mystery. That’s why we’re still talking about the Resurrection of Jesus twenty centuries later.

We have no doubt that it happened. But we cannot explain it. And we cannot repeat it.

Just turning into the grounds of the cemetery where your loved one is makes your heart hurt – again. You are taken back to the sad day when he/she died. Your spirit grieves all over again.

The walk from the car to the gravesite is a walk you don’t want to take but feel compelled to. Each step is sad. Heavy. Lonely. Cemeteries are quiet but it’s not a peaceful quiet, not to me. It’s a heavy quiet. A heartbroken quiet.

Kneeling at the gravesite, I look at the grass and can’t believe that I am so close – and so far – from the remains of the son I helped create. A Hail Mary, an Our Father and a Glory Be come. Then I plead, “Lord, bring Brian out of the tomb. Please.” I pray it but I know…

The longest walk you’ll ever take is the walk away from the grave of someone you love.

–To walk away and feel as if the world has come to an end.
–To walk away and think about what used to be and what might have been.
–To walk away and realize, “I’ll never be the same again.”
–To long to touch a face and know you can’t.
–To cry until you can’t cry anymore.
–To know it is over, done, finished, the end, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It is the longest walk and the saddest day. Every step takes you away from the tomb of a precious life.

Good Friday is the most painful day of all. It always was sad, from the time we were young and kept the Great Silence from noon – 3:00 to now, when Good Friday means suffering. Love was crucified on Good Friday. Spit on, kicked, whipped, hated – then killed. Love. And the Evil One has been after that Innocent Love ever since. That’s because he didn’t win. And he can’t accept that he never will.

Good Friday and Holy Saturday are heartbreaking. Our Great Love and our loved ones are gone…

But then comes Easter Sunday.

The cloud is lifted. The sun and the Son come out. Love reigns! Hope is renewed; faith grows and the baptized who have followed Christ to the Cross will follow Him to everlasting life! Alleluia!

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