Parish Captains

Thank you for volunteering to be a parish captain. It is no secret that we rely on you to help us get the word out about the conference. Our goal is and always will be to help women deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. We thank you for being a part of this wonderful group of women who make this their goal too!

Printable Mail-In Registration Form

Printable Flyer:

December Bulletin Announcement (Word)

December Bulletin Announcement (PDF)

Parish captain suggested “to do” list:

  1. ​​Collaborate with the ​Men’s​ Conference ​Captain​
  2. ​​Meet with your Pastor, do it at a time that is convenient for your Pastor to meet with you and the ​Men’s Captain ​(beginning of January may be best!)
  3. Collaborate with your counterpart to come up with a​​ marketing plan to include:
    1. Christmas Bulletin Announcements (I know many have to have them in by 12/15, so don’t wait)
    2. Signage (Posters & Hot Cards)
    3. Sign ups (Start a sign up session after mass)
    4. Social Media (Put it out on Social Media)
    5. Shoulder taps (Invite 20 people that you’d like to see at the conference with you)
    6. Invites after Mass (Invite the entire parish)
    7. Pulpit Announcements (Let the Holy Spirit move!)

A few more links that you may want to utilize:

Registration Link- Share on Facebook, Email to fellow parishioners, share with all ministries within your parish for them to send to their members,etc.

Regular Registration:

Religious Registration:

Bus Reimbursement  Form- For parishes outside of i270 only

Scholarship Form:

Don’t forget to take a picture of your poster hanging in your gathering area at your parish- Post on FB and tag Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

We couldn’t bring this great conference to the women of Columbus and beyond without the help of our sponsors. Sponsors help us keep our prices affordable.

Below is the link to this year’s sponsorship letter. Feel free to offer this opportunity to sponsor the conference to anyone/any business that you think might be interested.


Also, below is a pulpit pitch suggested Draft. If you are able to give a pulpit pitch please do so!

Hello fellow parishioners. I am ______________. I’m here tonight/today to encourage you to join me at the annual Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference. Over 3000 Women from our diocese will gather together on February 16 to pray, reflect, and be inspired. Our mission is to provide opportunities for women to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in their realization of their dignity as Catholic women, and to strengthen their commitment to be a disciple of Christ.

The day is filled with amazing speakers,faith filled music and Mass with Bishop Brennan.

You will enjoy 2 of our life giving Sacraments; Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation as well as share the beauty that Eucharistic Exposition brings.

Wherever you may be in your journey of faith, please join us! If you have attended before, bring a friend!

We will carpool from the church parking lot leaving promptly at _____ a.m. on Feb. 15 and we will try to sit together as a large group. I pray that you feel called to join us for an unbelievable day. You will not be disappointed spending the day with your sisters in Christ at the conference.

Brochures are in the gathering area and you can register online at

Please join us!!



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