Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Instructions for the Conference

For the 2022 conference, follow the yellow parking flags to the parking lots.

Is there any charge for parking?

The Ohio Expo Center charges $5 for parking per vehicle.

What is the GPS Address for parking at Kasich Hall?

760 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Is there accessible parking?

Yes! Accessible parking is available right in front of the Kasich Hall building. If needed, you may drop off in front of the building and park in the main lots.

I have a VIP parking pass, where should I park?

VIP parking is located next to the accessible parking, just north of it or to the left side when facing the building. Look for signs indicating VIP parking. Please avoid parking in the spots marked for clergy.

Are there any pandemic requirements or restrictions for attendees?

The Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference continues to remain cautious regarding the health and welfare of attendees, volunteers and staff. We will be taking necessary precautions and following proper CDC guidelines to ensure protocols are followed regarding the pandemic and its restrictions. As we learn more about Diocesan guidelines regarding health and safety, and how they might affect the Conference, we will provide that information.

Some concrete steps that we have taken –

1. The rows of seats are spaced so that they are four feet from back to back, which is approximately a foot more than last year (and a foot more than the typical pew spacing or auditorium spacing).

2. We adjusted Exhibitor Hall and greatly increased the seating in the eating area. Women will have the option, as always, to take their meal back to their conference seat to eat or spread out in the newly expanded dining area.

3. Mask wearing will be strongly recommended.

4. Live Streaming is an option this year for anyone who is concerned about gathering. This option and details can be found here.

What is the conference schedule? 

The basic schedule for our conferences is as follows.  A more detailed version will be provided closer to the conference and in your conference program.

7AM – Doors Open

8AM – Mass (Exhibitor Hall Closed)

9:15AM – Breakfast Break

10 to Noon: Speakers

Noon – Lunch. Confessions, Exhibitor Hall

1:15 to 4:30PM – Speakers and Holy Hour.

Do I have to wear my nametag?

Your ticket also serves as your nametag. We encourage cutting your name tag out before the conference so that you can bypass the registration tables and go straight into the main auditorium. On your way in you will receive a name tag sleeve. We do require that you wear your name tag. We have security officers present throughout the conference and your wearing your name tag helps them determine who should be in the building.

If I change my mind about what I want for lunch, can I pick a different lunch at the conference?

We use the data when you register to order food from our caterer. We ask that you keep to the choice you made at registration. We want to make sure that people get the lunch they ordered, this is especially important when people have dietary restrictions.  You may change your lunch choice before the day of the conference by managing your ticket through the link in your confirmation email


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