T36847-cvr“Mom, I want to be a famous blogger,” my nine year old said.

I told her I couldn’t make her famous, but I could certainly teach her to blog!   The secret to becoming a great blogger is to write, write, write, and then write some more.

I had the perfect idea for her first post.  Since I am a contributor at Catholicmom.com, I had the opportunity to purchase Lisa Hendey’s new book “Chime Travelers,” the first in her new Catholic children’s fiction series about time traveling kids who meet the saints, straight from the author with a personalization and autograph written inside.   I suggested she should read the first book, The Secret of the Shamrock (Servant 2015) and write a review.   She agreed and was so excited to get her copy, she checked the mail every day.   Days and days went on, but still no book.    We finally had to contact to post office, only to find they had gotten lost in the mail (or maybe in the space time continuum????)   We’ll never know, but Lisa Hendey is so gracious she send her a new set of books, with lovely little notes inscribed on the front page.   Was it worth the wait?   Read MK’s review below:

The Secret of the Shamrock is about a young boy named Patrick and his sister Katie (I especially liked this  because my brother’s middle name is Patrick and mine is Kathryn!) who time travel.   Patrick is transported one day from his church confessional to Ireland with his pet frog Francis.   There he meets a man who was a shepherd.   Patrick gets to know the shepherd and calls him Shep.  Later, Patrick finds out that Shep is now a Bishop whose name is Patricuius.   Patrick travels with Patricuius for awhile and then when he goes to bed, he wakes up back at home at St. Anne’s church.  He is reunited with his family and they didn’t even know he was missing!   Patrick couldn’t wait to find out what adventure he was going on next.   

I really liked this book!   Honestly, even if you are a boy or a girl, you will like this book because it is so good!   Definitely worth the wait!

mk chime travelersNow she is reading book number book two, The Sign of the Carved Cross.   When I told her 2 more books were being released this spring, she was jumping for joy!   As a mom, I am delighted she is enjoying reading these great little fiction pieces that feed her nuggets about the faith and the saints.   I’ve always been a huge fan of  Lisa Hendey’s work, so sharing one of my favorite authors with my daughter is and amazing blessing!