Group Livestreaming

Livestream the Conference at your home, parish or within your ministry!

We are excited to offer livestreaming options for our 2022 conference. We hope and encourage women to get together and to view it, if they are unable to attend the conference in person.

This year we are only requiring the purchase of a single license for your group viewing. If you would like to support the conference, you could offer a free will offering to donate to the CCWC later.  Also, any feedback on your livestreaming experience would be much appreciated and can be sent to [email protected].

The zip file below for download includes, the “Livestreaming the Conference” document PDF, a logo for bulletins or website, a fillable flyer, and an image suitable for sharing on social media.

 Livestream Promo Video (YouTube)

Basic Schedule of the Day

Thank you for sharing the conference!

REKINDLE your faith by livestreaming the Conference at your home, parish or within your ministry!

  1. Book your location. Do you need permission to use space in your parish? Will you offer space in a home?
  2. Consider the technology needed. You will need stable and fast Internet access to provide a quality livestreaming experience. And depending on the size of your group, an adequate sized screen.
  3. Plan the day. If you are livestreaming at your parish, consider offering in person Mass, confession and Adoration opportunities. The conference Mass starts at 8AM and Holy Hour at 3:15PM.
  4. Think about hospitality. Will you offer breakfast and coffee? Will lunch be potluck or will you contact a restaurant like Panera to provide lunch for your attendees?
  5. Invite your friends and parishioners. How will you handle registration?
  6. Purchase your livestream virtual ticket at We recommend that you use an email address. If you use Facebook or Google to set up your account you will need to be logged into those accounts wherever you plan to livestream. Make sure to keep that Cleeng Receipt email. That email will provide your livestream link. You will also be able to go to the livestream registration page and login from there.

Marketing your conference livestream event:

  1. Use our fillable flyer to post on bulletin boards in your parish or give them out to women in your ministry group. The Times, sponsoring group, and place are all required fields. There is an optional field under “Where” for additional information like registration info and lunch plans.
  2. Use the social media image to promote your livestream event on social media.
  3. Include an announcement in your parish bulletin. Here’s an example below. Fill in the bracketed spaces with your own info:

    Rekindle Your Faith and Livestream the Conference with Us!

    [Optional Rekindle bulletin logo provided]

    Come pray, learn, rest and renew your faith with your sisters in Christ at our own Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference livestreaming event. Time: February 19, 2022 from [ times ] Place: [ place ] [ other info on lunch, Mass, Adoration, etc. ] Contact: [ contact name and registration info ] For information on this year’s speakers, visit

    Don’t miss this special day to Re-kindle the gift of God within you, 2 Timothy 1:6.

  4. Consider a pulpit announcement if allowed at your parish.

Day of:

Get there early and login to your livestream account. Though Mass starts at 8AM, our livestreaming starts at 7:30AM to allow time to work out any problems. Make sure you use the same email address as you did for your initial purchase and have your password handy. Choose the email button on the right to login.

If you have issues, find the Cleeng Receipt email and follow the support links from there or click the support link on the main livestreaming page. Cleeng provides tech support to help you get connected. If all else fails, call the conference phone number and we will attempt to help.
You may also want to have a radio or smart speaker handy. If the fix takes a little longer than expected, you can tune to AM820 in the Columbus area, or, if using a smart speaker, you can ask Google or Alexa to ‘play St. Gabriel Radio’. You can also listen live via or download their free app.

Welcome your women into your event and enjoy!

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