cradlingweberimageMy name is Christina Weber and this is my husband, Neil, and we are honored to be able to share the story of our time with our baby Christopher and the assistance that we received from Back in His Arms Again.

We were surprised and delighted to be pregnant with our fourth child and my pregnancy with Christopher progressed in the usual way.  All was routine until my fourth month checkup.  After our doctor was unable to locate his heartbeat, an ultrasound confirmed the worst.  Our baby had died in utero around 17 weeks.

Our doctor was very compassionate and we were both just very sorry.  He had mentioned to me that I could call him in a few days and that I would need to schedule a delivery after I had “adjusted” to the news.  I left his office completely devastated with no idea as to what to do or the many decisions we would need to face in the coming days.  All I knew was that my baby was no longer alive and it was beyond me on that day to even comprehend anything else or to know what to ask.

Mu husband and I began to discuss delivery and that led to many questions as to what we could do with his remains.  We called our parish priest and he said that Kambra would call me.  We were unable to talk when she called later that day but she told us of the website. The information on the website was an immense help to us.  We didn’t even know that our baby could be buried in a cemetery and although it sounds strange at the time just knowing that was a great comfort to us, that our baby’s passing would be treated with dignity and respect.

Every interaction I had with BIHAA from that day forward left me filled with strength and provided me with the hope that I could do what no parent expects they will have to do.  Kambra and the rest of the BIHAA staff, the staff at Resurrection Cemetery, St. Ann’s Hospital and Schoedinger Funeral home would ask me “how can we help you honor the memory of your baby”.  It seems like a small thing, the phrasing of a question, but it helped us focus not just on his death but on how we wanted things to be in a situation that we in no way wanted.

BIHAA helped us to make all the necessary arrangements before we went into delivery.  This gave us peace of mind in the hospital and allowed us to focus on only one thing, birthing our baby and pouring a lifetime of parenting into the few moments we would have with him.  BIHAA provided us with the special layette to swaddle him without which we would not have been able to hold him.  They were able to capture pictures for us that showed the love we had for him as his parents and the sweetness of his little face.  Through their help we could focus just on him and not be preoccupied with all the arrangements, the “what now” questions.  There is no way to thank them enough for giving us those moments with our son and allowing us to be fully present to him in those moments.  We want to thank them on behalf of all bereaved parents for walking with us during the darkest hours and assisting us in pouring a lifetime of parenting into those few moments that we have with our babies.  We thank you for assisting us with your knowledge of the process that allowed us to make choices that would help us honor and remember our little Christopher.

On our remembrance cards for Christopher, we included this quote from Pope Benedict XVI “Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed.  Each of us is loved.  Each of us is necessary.”

No matter how many hours, days, weeks or months we knew of our babies, they were necessary, they are loved.  And it is a very special ministry that BIHAA provides in helping us to honor, love and remember these little ones.

Thank you.

Believing that every life is precious and deserving of respect, Back In His Arms Again honors life from conception until death.

We are a charitable organization of collaborative resources providing educational resources, care, guidance and financial services for families in need who are experiencing the loss of a child as well as those providing care.


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