Mater Dei Academy was founded in 1971 to provide families a wholesome, Faith-first environment in which their children can learn, play and grow academically and most importantly, in their Faith.

We have a strong academic environment as well as a Faith-first environment loyal to the Magisterium, ensuring our children leave well prepared academically and spiritually.

We say the rosary every day, have weekly Mass and an excellent religious curriculum.

We have priests, nuns, sisters and brothers visit the school so that the children are introduced to those vocations early in their lives, hoping that some will follow down those paths (which some of our alumni have done).

The class sizes are small so that children can receive that extra attention that is so necessary to their success.

If you would like to learn more about Mater Dei Academy, our website is or feel free to contact the Director of the Academy, Dr. Stephen Wilhelm, for a tour at (614) 231-1984.

One last note: Many Catholic families tend to be large, making a private education for their children difficult or even impossible. Mater Dei Academy has always recognized this reality, and thus, offers very substantial discounts (more than 80%) for the second through the fourth child, and no additional tuition for the fifth and subsequent children