CWC2015_PrayerBook-cvr.inddCome to Me: A Catholic Women’s Spiritual Prayer Companion

The Path

There is a path to the heart of God.

The gate to this path is your heart and the key to the gate is prayer.

Sit in silence. Close your eyes.

As you quietly sit you hear a voice call to you,

“Come to Me.”

  You respond, “Jesus.”

 A key appears in your hand

and you open the gate.

You step onto the path.

A beautiful woman greets you.

She smiles,

holds out her hand to you

 and says,

“I’ll take you to my Son.”

So begins Come to Me, A Catholic Women’s Spiritual Companion written and created by the Pilgrim Center of Hope’s San Antonio Catholic Women’s Conference designed to be a purse-sized companion helping women journey from conference to conference, and as the introduction says, “To help you live out your vocation to womanhood in the days of your week, over the obstacles in your way, and through the desires in your heart.”

It is the fruit of a desire by Mary Jane Fox, Pilgrim Center of Hope Co-Director and CWC Founder who often heard women ask, “What next? How do I learn more about how to live my vocation to womanhood and grow in my faith?”

Through their New Evangelization ministry she founded along with her husband, Deacon Tom Fox, with the mission to be a source of hope for others, and to help people encounter Christ through experiences such as conferences, pilgrimages and media, she had many answers to offer but knew something tangible, that women could hold in their hands, was needed.

Thanks to a very generous donor, each of the 2500 women who attended last year’s event in San Antonio received a copy of Come to Me. It is a great success and many who attended have called the Pilgrim Center of Hope asking to order books for family, friends and faith groups. More copies are now available and are on sale for $9.95 each.

It is also being offered for sale at this same low price to the women of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference as advertised in the event program each women will receive who attends this year’s event on February 20th.

What is included in this small book, full of beautifully selected images designed for contemplation are:

Pondering on the Way: Meditations on what it means to be a woman and live our vocation to womanhood.

Refreshment for the Journey:  Writings on the Eucharist and Sacraments of the Church which seeks to lift a woman’s heart and draw her to our Lord.

Light Along the Path: Prayers for women to offer daily, for particular times and throughout a woman’s life.

A Garden Walk: A Scriptural Rosary with meditations written specifically for women and short stories on saints to teach, encourage and inspire us to seek God always.

When you come to the Columbus CWC this year, take a moment to read all the great information in the event program, take it home and consider purchasing this beautiful way to continue to grow in our faith, vocation to womanhood and daughter of God.

Nan Balfour, grateful daughter of God, wife, mother, writer, and event coordinator for the Pilgrim Center of Hope  which has produced the annual San Antonio Catholic Women’s Conference since 2001.

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