Finally there is a movie coming out that is for us “moms!”  The new movie, Moms’ Night Out not only had me laughing all throughout, but had a great message.  I am not sure which actor I liked more: Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin or Trace Atkins. With a great line up of actors, this movie was a delight to watch! The best part was that  Moms’ Night Out was Catholic Friendly and one worth going with a group of friends or as a date night with your spouse.

Warning: I will tell you it is hard for a mom to get out the door to go to the movies! Out of the 5 women planning on going that night, two moms canceled because of sick kids and another mom had to drive to dance since her husband was still at work!   I almost didn’t make it based on my kids activities!  The fact is our job is never done and rarely do we get a break like this movie offers! So keep your eye on the prize and make it to Moms’ Night Out.

Treat yourself to this movie full of meaning, fun, and morals!  It was great to leave the theater uplifted and ready to return to a pile of dishes in the sink and a teenager who was still up doing homework.

I hope to go to Moms’ Night Out with my husband so he can learn what the word “stress paralyzed” means for a mom! This movie reinforces that motherhood is our greatest gift.

Highly recommended!


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