Pray with us for priests

Prayer for Priests

Father God,

We bless you, we praise you, we adore you, and we give you thanks for the gift of our holy priests.

Lord, pour into our hearts an ardent desire to encourage, pray for, love and assist our shepherds who have answered your call to the holy priesthood.

Make us channels of your grace, mercy and charity Lord, as we pray, fast and offer works of mercy on their behalf.

We implore you Lord to give our priests your strength, your courage, your mercy and your love as they are In Persona Christi to us.

Blessed Mother, wrap your mantle around our beloved priests, watch over them and protect them with your tender, motherly care.

We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord, and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Amen.

Prayer for Father Garland

The Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference has a chaplain that helps direct us spiritually.  We invite you to join us in praying for Fr. Garland in a special way. 

Dearest Jesus,

We give thanks for Father Garland and his courageous yes to the holy priesthood.

Jesus, we pray that you watch over Father Garland’s spiritual and physical needs and help him discern and guide the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference leadership team as we seek to bring women into a deeper relationship with you.

Lord, we love you and we entrust Father Garland and all our priests to your loving care, with the intercession of our Blessed Mother, as our priests bring us the source and summit of our lives, the holy Eucharist.

We pray this in your most holy name, Jesus, Amen.

We are grateful to Lori Crock for writing these prayers for us. You can find more of Lori’s work at

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