Who says God the Father does not protect his flock?   In 1968 He gave us many warnings to avoid the Culture of Death and one way he did it was through Pope Paul the 6th in his encyclical, Humane Vitae.

It is one of the most prophetic documents that shared 4 predictions of what would happen to our society if we embraced artificial contraception.   1st there would be a general lowering of morality standards.   2nd that there would be a disregard for the physical and psychological well-being of females by males,  3rd governments would use family planning programs for coercive purposes once contraception became widely available.  And 4th no longer would there be respect for the human person; the body would be a machine we can treat however we like.  Sound like a sound bite from one of the many shows from AM 820 St Gabriel Catholic Radio?

Unfortunately, these turned out to be more than predictions, they’ve become our reality.  We need to stop making the mistakes that have plagued our society from the use of artificial contraception.  Take time to download and read Humane Vitae and be amazed by Pope Paul the 6th insight into the pro-life battle he predicted over 40 years ago. The website is http://www.vatican.va/index.htm

Did you know our contracepting culture contributes to the culture of death?  Do you need to share this truth?  Let us ask the Holy Spirit to make us a pure witness today.

This is a Pure Witness reflections by Brenda Lombardi that air on AM820 St Gabriel Catholic Radio in Columbus, Ohio or at www.stgabrielradio.com Pure Witness is a reflection sharing God’s vision for purity of mind and body and the sacredness of love, relationships and marriage. It is played on AM820 every week day at 4:55pm.

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