Sr Miriam James Has a New Book!!!

Loved As I Am Cover

“During my darker times, I often have an image of myself sitting alone with my back against the wall, curled up into a little ball.  I am hurting and broken and feeling lost.  I expect Jesus to come and stand over me, hands on his hips, admonishing me for all my faults and failures.

Yet he always surprises me.  During these times, he will come and sit beside me, right where I am.  He doesn’t try to fix me or offer platitudes or force anything on me.  He just sits beside me in truth and experiences my pain.  His presence is a healing balm, letting me know that I am not alone.

I think the reality of Jesus often shocks us.”  (Sr. Miriam James, 2014)

Is that awesome or what?  That is just one of the amazing images Sr. Miriam shares in her newest book Loved As I Am, An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus(Ave Maria Press, 2014).   If you attended our 2014 CCWC, you are very familiar with our previous keynote speaker who ROCKED THE HOUSE last year (and if you didn’t get to come, check out her presentation archived on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio’s website.)   She was so good, I did not get one negative comment about her talk on the evaluations. As you can imagine, with 2,500 women in one place,  I get complaints about everything; the food, the speakers, even about the bathrooms!  Instead I read things like:

“Sr. Miriam James was so authentic and gave us a superb message to act on”

“Sr Miriam spoke openly and from the heart”

“Sr. Miriam gave me hope”

“Sr. Miriam was excellent and beautiful as well”

The list of what people loved went on and on because Sr. Miriam shared with us her story of brokenness and redemption in Jesus and she was so real!

Last week, Sr. Miriam emailed me and said her new book, Loved As I Am, An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus was being released and wanted me to share that will all of you.  I was lucky to receive an advanced copy for review, and like her talk, it is so powerful.  Sr. Miriam shares her struggles—learning she was adopted, battling alcoholism, losing her father to cancer and healing from childhood sexual abuse and how she was transformed through the healing love of Jesus.   More importantly she shares how we too can be healed and find peace in Jesus.  Intertwined with her own story, Sr. Miriam shares insight from Theology of the Body, wisdom from the popes and Scripture.  I would highly recommend it for anyone, but would be an especially good gift for the high school or college age women in your life.

Loved As I Am, An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus will be available on November 3rd, but you can pre-order it today!

You can read a sample here, but be warned, you won’t want to wait until November to read the rest!





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