Do we really understand why birth control is going against God’s divine plan?  Let me be honest, it was even difficult for me to get.  First, we have to make a few assumptions; one that you believe marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a women given to you by God.

If we agree, then we can say the sacred covenant of marriage is deemed for two purposes; to be love-giving and life giving.  Remember the beautiful wedding vows professed in front of God, family and friends; to give ourselves to our beloved spouse freely, totally, faithfully, fruitfully and forever.

You see the key factor in using birth control is YOU are shutting off your fertility, your fruitful, life-giving end of the marriage agreement.  Let’s be honest, what we are really saying is, “We only want to be fertile when we want to have children but outside of that we’d rather get rid of it so we can have sex whenever we want.”

And isn’t that okay?  Almost everyone shares how many children they want.  That’s the first thing we ask a newly married couple and our society says that’s being good family planners.  It is our decision to choose the number of children we want, not God. Awe… but what is the true repercussion of this popular mind set, maybe a divorce rate of over 50%.

On the other hand, when a faithful couple discerns not to conceive, instead of stopping fertility with birth control, they simply choose to abstain from the martial embrace during fertile times…fully respecting and honoring their spouse, gift of fertility, wedding vows and God. This method is called Natural Family Planning.

Let the facts speak for itself LifeSiteNews stated that one of the greatest benefits of Natural Family Planning is its positive impact on marital stability:  “An often forgotten feature of Natural Family Planning is that it strengthens both the spiritual and emotional aspects of marriage. Couples who practice Natural Family Planning have a divorce rate of about 5%, markedly lower than the 50% divorce rate of couples who utilize contraception.”

And here is another perspective from Martin Hoehler who replied to the article NFP and Divorce rates: More Research Needed on the blog, Catholic Conversion, who shared to be a cafeteria style Catholic that used both, contraception and NFP who wrote this; “ It’s really looking like Pope Paul VI may have really been a visionary on this one. John Paul II, in his “Theology of the Body” reminds us that our bodies, male and female together are an image of the Trinitarian God. I won’t go into detail here, but the conclusion is that the better we understand our bodies, the closer we grow to God. It stands to reason then that NFP would bring you closer to God, because you learn about your body, the wonder of its fertility, and learn to listen to the signs it gives you. On the other hand, with the pill, you’re chemically shutting down the system, ignoring the signs, and relying on a short cut purchased from the pharmaceutical companies. I can see why one would contribute to healthy marriages, and the other contributes to a higher divorce rate.”

Are you using oral contraceptives or know of a loved one who is?  Do you need to share this truth?  Let us ask the Holy Spirit to make us a pure witness today!

This is a  Pure Witness reflection by Brenda Lombardi that air on AM820 St Gabriel Catholic Radio in Columbus, Ohio or at Pure Witness is a reflection sharing God’s vision for purity of mind and body and the sacredness of love, relationships and marriage. It is played on AM820 every week day at 4:55pm.


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